Fun Things for Bored Teens to Do at Home

Check out these ideas for how to entertain a teenager at home if you’re a teen stuck at home or a parent with a bored teenager. Gaming, crafting, creating, moving, clever ways to virtually hang out with friends, and much more are covered in this comprehensive list. 

Here are some fun and convenient things teens can do at home when they need a little excitement.

75 Fun Things for Bored Teens to Do at Home

Is there anything teens can do on rainy days or any other time they are unable to leave the house? These activities for teens will help you find plenty of fun things to do.

12 Ways to Play Games

For teens, playing games is one of the most fun things to do. You can play video games on your computer or console, but consider these other fun game activities that allow you to be social in addition to playing. 

Play online with your friends or in person with your family using your favorite conferencing platform.

  1. You can host a Jackbox party. On Steam, consoles, and even mobile phones, Jackbox offers tons of interactive games and game packs at affordable prices.
  2. Play a virtual game night. Play any game you like with friends on your favorite video conferencing platform.
  3. Spend time with your family playing card games. Find out what classic card games your parents used to play and learn them from them. With a simple deck of cards, whether you play solitaire games or group games, you can do so much and have so much fun.
  4. Play a game you’ve created. Come up with an original game and invite family members to play it, whether you improve an existing game or create your own using a template or deck of cards.
  5. Jigsaw puzzles are fun. Are you looking for a puzzle to make it more challenging? Assemble it solely from shapes (this only works for puzzles with different shaped pieces).
  6. Guess the song lyric game. Gather your friends and sing lyrics to different songs while turning off your microphone on a video conferencing app. Watching your lips will help your friends guess what you’re singing.
  7. You can play Truth or Dare online with your friends.
  8. You can play Never Have I Ever online with your friends.
  9. Praise your family members by playing pranks on them.
  10. With friends, play Would You Rather or This-or-That.
  11. Play a game on Steam with friends.
  12. Online card games are available at

12 Fun Things to Learn

Fill in the blank, “I’ve always wanted to learn how to ____________.” You can probably find an online course or a YouTube video on it. There is no limit to what can be achieved. There is no better time than now to learn whatever you have always wanted to learn.

  1. Juggle is a skill you can learn. Three similar-sized objects are all you need (start with tennis balls or rolled pairs of socks, not knives or chainsaws) and a great juggling tutorial.
  2. Become a good artist.
  3. Udemy offers a public speaking class for teens that will help you become a better public speaker. The class costs around $20, but it will help you brush up on your skills.
  4. Here are some great braiding tutorials to help you learn how to braid your hair.
  5. By learning to code, you will be able to improve your job prospects in the future.
  6. Duolingo is a great tool for learning new languages.
  7. Finger spelling and American Sign Language (ASL) are two important skills to learn.
  8. Online Braille reading and writing lessons.
  9. Using common household items and items, try some simple chemistry projects at home.
  10. Find out more about the genealogy of your family.
  11. Interview family members and write a comprehensive family history based on the interviews. Feel free to share your finished project with your family!
  12. Have you always wanted to learn an instrument at home such as piano, guitar, or ukulele but never had the time? There is no better time than now!

10 Entertaining Ways to Connect With Others

If you’re locked down, it’s especially important to stay in touch with your friends. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to do it in today’s world.

  1. Virtual proms can be held. Wear your finest, gather online with friends, and dance the night away.
  2. Make someone feel special by writing them a love letter.
  3. Engage in a virtual date with someone you like and ask them thoughtful questions to get to know each other.
  4. Watch a movie with your friends on your favorite streaming platform.
  5. Organize a virtual party.
  6. Organise a drawing night for a group. Bring people together via video conferencing and brainstorm some things they can draw. You can then have everyone draw the same thing and see how you interpret it differently.
  7. You can share your activities at home, good times you’ve had in the past, and more in an online scrapbook.
  8. Join your friends for a virtual karaoke party.
  9. Get your friends together for a watch party and do some bad lip reading. Have each person take a character, and then as the character speaks, you speak the lines you think they are saying (or should be saying).

22 Activities to Craft and Create

If you’re looking for fun things for a teenager, don’t be afraid to get creative (literally!). Teenagers can enjoy hours of entertainment when they explore their creative side, whether it’s painting, making music, or writing. 

To create, you can use technology platforms and/or items you already have around the house.

  1. You should make a movie. Create a creative script. It is easier to film some movies than others, like a mockumentary, where friends collaborate to record “talking heads” (on-camera interviews) on Skype or Zoom as well as live action around their houses. Think of shows like The Office or Parks and Recreation. Put it all together with movie editing software to create a collaborative film.
  2. Make origami your next project. Paper and cool origami project instructions are all you need to learn the art of paper folding.
  3. Take up needlecraft. Whether it is sewing, crocheting, knitting, or another form of needlecraft, learning how to work in the textile arts is a great way to express yourself. It will only take you a few basic crochet stitches to be able to work with most crochet patterns if you wish to learn to crochet.
  4. Create a music video for your favorite song. Similar to making any other type of movie, you can do this alone or in collaboration with friends online.
  5. You can write a short story, a script, a poem, or a novel. No matter what you’re creating, writing is a great way to express yourself that doesn’t require a lot of equipment.
  6. Find your old building toys and rediscover them. Get out some of the old toys you used to play with and rediscover them, whether it’s LEGO, Hot Wheels tracks, K’NEX, or something else.
  7. A song parody should be written and recorded.
  8. Become a wildlife photographer in your backyard with your smartphone or camera.
  9. Find some free sheet music online and learn a new piece if you’re a musician.
  10. During this period in history, keep a written journal or video diary to document what it’s like.
  11. Podcasts can be created by anyone. Connect with a friend online or with co-hosts to come up with a topic.
  12. Make your family’s favorite meals from a good cookbook.
  13. Get together with friends and play improv games online.
  14. Make salt dough and shape it into various shapes. The experience will make you feel like a kid again!
  15. Create a newsletter online with friends using written, photographic, or video content.
  16. A family yearbook can be created.
  17. Put a time capsule in your backyard and bury it.
  18. Shirts, jeans, and leggings can be painted with bleach. Freehand or stencil designs are both acceptable.
  19. Build a treehouse or fort for your younger siblings (with their permission).
  20. You can paint plain t-shirts, tank tops, tote bags, jeans, leggings, and more with fabric paint.
  21. Scrapbooks and photo albums can be used to organize photos.
  22. Play cards to build a house. The experience is surprisingly satisfying.

8 Enjoyable Ways to Get Moving

Get up and move as much as you can! Playing this game with siblings or virtually with friends is a fun way to spend time and burn energy.

  1. Don’t be shy! Play your favorite music and move like nobody is watching – because no one is!
  2. Take a martial arts class. You can find plenty of free martial arts instruction videos and courses online, so pick the one that appeals to you and start practicing!
  3. Take a free yoga class online to get your Zen on.
  4. Nia is a fun combination of martial arts, dance, and healing arts. Nia On Demand offers a free, 14-day trial subscription.
  5. Have you ever wanted to learn belly dancing? Online belly dancing classes are available for free!
  6. Dance routines can be learned. For virtually any type of dance you’d like to learn, YouTube, TikTok, and similar platforms offer free instructional videos. Pick a style of dance, head to your favorite site, and learn some new moves.
  7. Sport cup stacking can be learned.
  8. Interested in hula hooping? Here are some free tricks you can learn with a hula hoop!

11 Things to Watch, Read, or Listen To

Teenagers sometimes enjoy some quality “me time” at home with a good book or movie. Share your love of knowledge and pop culture with friends by hosting virtual trivia or story hours.

  1. Online libraries offer free access to classic books.
  2. Online classic movies are free to watch.
  3. Use Overdrive, Hoopla, or Kanopy to see if your local library offers free ebook, audiobook, and video streaming services.
  4. The Harry Potter series is a great choice to reread as a child.
  5. Listen to some podcasts about something you’re interested in.
  6. Experience a virtual theme park ride.
  7. Try to spot a spirit by watching a ghost cam online.
  8. Visit museums and other unique places around the world with free virtual tours.
  9. Organize an online story hour for younger children. Prepare the story on a platform such as Zoom or Skype.
  10. Gather your friends over video conferencing or in person, assign parts, and do a table reading.
  11. Host an online trivia night using trivia questions from your favorite television shows, books, and movies.
  12. Watch videos from around the world.

Other Fun At-Home Activities for Teenagers:

These engaging activities will entertain teens and help them learn valuable skills if they want to spend less time on screens.

  1. Prepare a delicious meal to share with your family at dinner. A tag-team effort can be made if you have siblings who are old enough to help!
  2. Spend some time with your pet and teach them some new tricks. With the right techniques, you can teach your cat a few tricks, but dogs are usually easier to train.
  3. (With your parents’ permission) redecorate your bedroom. If you feel extra ambitious, you can paint your walls a new color, rearrange furniture, and update your poster collection.
  4. Help out in the garden during the warmer months to test out your green thumb. You can learn how to grow vegetables or herbs, or you can plant pretty flowers in pots to enhance the curb appeal of your home.
  5. Bullet journals are great for keeping track of things. With this colorful and creative handwritten method, organizing your life and setting goals will be much easier.

Fun Things to Do at Home With Teenagers

After a while, staying at home can seem a drag, but it doesn’t mean you need to stop doing things you love or interacting with people you care about. Make the most of your free time by engaging in lots of online activities with friends and spending the rest of your time with your family or doing things that bring you joy alone.

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