What is Spotify Icebergify? Make An Iceberg Out Of Music

As we are always looking for new ways to analyse our listening habits, Spotify Icebergify is the latest app we have to make that happen. With the iceberg graphic, you can go beneath the surface of your top tracks and artists and see how obscure your taste in music is compared to what you see on the surface.

Luckily, there are a few ways to get your music data before Spotify Wrapped 2023, as we’re still a little ways away from that date. As we mentioned before, you can use Receiptify and the Spotify Pie Chart whilst you wait for your account to be setup, but that’s not all you can do whilst you wait.

There is now a way for you to create your very own Spotify Iceberg so that you can see how deep your taste really goes.

What Is Icebergify?

As part of Spotify Icebergify, we take a look at your music taste and compile it into a graphic that depicts how popular or niche your top artists are based on how popular their music is.

There will be different levels on the iceberg depending on the popularity of the artists that you listen to and the level of their popularity. In addition to that, the site will provide you with a breakdown of all the artists that you’ve listened to recently, most frequently, or that you’ve listened to once in a while.

There is a feature on the site that looks at your top 50 artists. In the top of the iceberg, you will find the most popular streams (i.e. the most streams). Artists who are more obscure are found towards the bottom of the list.

Spotify Icebergify takes into account not just what you’ve been listening to, but also what you’ve liked, how you’ve shared it, what playlists you’ve created and even more data about your listening habits.

How To Create Your Spotify Iceberg

The process of creating a Spotify Iceberg couldn’t be easier, since it can be done from your computer as well as from your mobile device.

In order to create both of these, you simply need to go to the Icebergify website and select ‘Create your own’. You will need to agree to the site’s terms and conditions (basically that you are giving them permission to access your personal information) before you can log in to your account. In order to do this, you can use your Google or Apple account, or you can do it directly through them.

The site will then generate your iceberg a few moments after you have authorized it and given it a few moments to do so. Your monthly iceberg will be displayed to you as soon as you log in. In spite of this, if you click on the ‘all time Iceberg’ link at the top of the page, you will be able to see all of your artists over the years.

It is even possible to share your Spotify Iceberg on social media if you are pleased with the results. There is neither a share button nor a download button on this page. If you right-click or hold on the graphic, then you will be able to save the image to your device by right-clicking or holding on the graphic. The image can also be copied and pasted into a social media profile of your choice, enabling you to share it immediately with your friends once you have copied it.

There is usually enough brutality in Spotify Wrapped by demonstrating just how addicted you were to a certain artist or group of artists. The problem was only exacerbated when Spotify personalities came along and didn’t care what type of listener you were, regardless of what sort of user you were.

After you have recovered from those, I would recommend that you give the Spotify Iceberg a try. The good news is that if it turns out that you have niche tastes, then you can always boast about them to your friends when their tastes aren’t as niche as yours.

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