Ideas for School Spirit Week: A Huge List

As part of School Spirit Week, students participate in activities related to the school’s sports teams, wear school colors, and participate in special contests. Spirit Week is usually held before the school’s homecoming, but it can be held any week of the year. 

Although School Spirit Week is a lot of fun, coming up with creative ideas each year can be a challenge.

Spirit Week Ideas for Spirit Days

Students enjoy dressing according to a different theme each day during School Spirit Week. It is more fun to have a creative theme for spirit week. Photographers should take many photos for the yearbook, and students should be awarded daily prizes who exemplify the theme of the day.

Twin Day

Twin day is a day when students dress alike. The celebration of Twin Day isn’t limited to twins. Any number of students can dress in the same manner, whether they are triplets, quadruplets, or quintuplets.

Wacky Tacky Day

Wacky tacky day is all about dressing up as wacky as possible. Others will go all out, mixing pajama bottoms with fancy dresses, putting on lots of jewelry and styling their hair in unique ways. Some students will just wear an ugly shirt, while others will go all out.

Celebrity Day

It never ceases to be fun for students to dress up as celebrities, no matter which celebrities are popular. Dress students up as a generic celebrity by wearing a red carpet worthy gown or tuxedo instead of dressing up as one of their favorite celebrities. 

Make a red carpet out of bulletin board paper, and take pictures of the ‘celebrities’ as they enter the school.

Charity Day

Make one day a more serious day and dress to support a specific charity or cause. Wear pink to support breast cancer research or red to support heart health. Students may wear hats on hat days, but the money they spend on their hats will be donated to a local food bank or other charity.

Emoji Day

An emoji is an animated representation of a feeling or object, such as a smiley face or poop. Face paint can be used to create a specific look like a few giant tears on their cheeks for the crying emoticon by dressing your kids as their favorite emoji. 

Halloween costumes have been made using popular emojis, so kids could wear them or create their own with markers and yellow t-shirts. Organize a contest to find the most original emoji outfits.

Other Spirit Day Ideas

  • A day for hats
  • It’s college day
  • Day of school colors
  • Day of pajamas
  • Day at the beach
  • A day to wear togas
  • The day of the grandparents
  • Day of career development
  • The backward day
  • It’s sports day

Spirit Week Activities

Students should be able to participate in a wide range of special activities during Spirit Week. Students will enjoy engaging in fun activities that will help them become more familiar with their school.

Spirit Week Pep Rally Ideas for Middle School and High School

School Spirit Week should conclude with a pep rally. Show a slideshow of some of the best outfits from the week during the pep rally. Awards should be given out to the best costumes throughout the week during the pep rally. In addition to getting students excited for games, pep rallies can be used to prepare them for other school events. 

Recognize senior athletes or introduce players on the football team. Perform a spirit week skit by the drama club, cheerleaders will lead the students in popular cheers, and the marching band will perform the school’s fight song.

Spirit Week Class Competitions

School Spirit Week should be a competition between classes. The class with the most participation during the dress up days should be rewarded with a special banner or trophy. During a pep rally, hold a noise competition to see which class can be the loudest during a cheering competition and award a special spirit trophy. 

You could turn the entire week into a competition to see which class can collect the most canned goods for a food drive or raise the most money for a local charity.

Field Day

Take part in a field day competition during Spirit Week if it is warm enough outside. The students will participate in three-legged races, sack races, tug-of-war, free throw contests, and quiz bowls. Award ribbons to individual winners in each event. 

Each homeroom should compete against the other by awarding points to students who place in an event. A special trophy or ribbon can be awarded to the teacher whose homeroom earns the most points.

Student-Teacher Spirit Week Game

Teachers and students enjoy competing against each other. Students and teachers can participate in a basketball game, kickball game, or volleyball game during Spirit Week.

Club Fair

The school offers many opportunities for students who are not aware of them. Organize a club fair to introduce students to the school’s clubs. Each club should have a table in the gym or cafeteria to display what their club is about. It will boost the numbers of lesser-known clubs and help students find new clubs to join.

New Logo Contest

Students can create a new logo for the school by participating in a school-wide art contest. For their design, kids should incorporate school colors, the school mascot, and a motto for the year. Give students and staff a chance to vote on their favorite option by hanging all the options in a central location. 

Create a poster with this new design and motto to hang in a high-traffic area of your school with the winning logo on limited edition spirit gear like T-shirts.

Raise Money

Raise money for school clubs, school trips, or special charities during Spirit Week. The following are some ways to raise money:

  • Bake a cake and sell it
  • Raffle tickets can be sold
  • Candy for sale
  • Gear to sell for spirit
  • Spaghetti dinner is a great idea
  • Plan a fun night for the family

Spirit Week Decorations

During Spirit Week, the school halls need to be decorated in school spirit.

Door Decorating Contest

To demonstrate school spirit, teachers should decorate the doors of their classrooms. It is also possible for students in their homerooms to help. A special gift certificate or pizza party should be awarded to the teacher or class with the best door.

Class Banners

Use the school colors to create large banners for each class. Sign the banner with each student in the class. There might be a class motto on it.

Bulletin Boards

During Spirit Week, dedicate bulletin boards in the school. Highlight special players on the football team with a bulletin board. You can cover a bulletin board with baby pictures of your students or teachers. Display pictures from Spirit Week on a bulletin board and update it throughout the week.

Spirit Week Memes

A motivational cat poster or funny meme featuring a pop culture character or phrase is always a hit. Each class should create a meme or series of memes based on a single theme, such as sports or cartoons. 

Students and teachers can create unique memes by adding images and school spirit phrases to poster boards. Post pictures of the meme posters on the school and class social media pages.

Other Spirit Week Ideas

Whatever you do for School Spirit Week, keep the focus on the students and have fun. As students will have difficulty focusing in the classroom during Spirit Week, encourage teachers to incorporate Spirit Week into their lesson plans as well. Teachers can write word problems incorporating teachers and students in the school. 

Journal entries can be created by English teachers for Spirit Week. Every lesson may begin with a unique fact about the school that teachers can share with their students. Throughout the week, let the students focus on building school pride.

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