Cute Homecoming Picture Ideas for Friends to Take Together

More Than a Great Homecoming Selfie

It’s a great opportunity to capture some of your best friendships in cute Homecoming pictures during one of the most important events of the school year. You can always take an adorable selfie group shot before or during the dance. For the most flattering photo, have everyone crowd in together and hold the camera at or above eye level. 

You can also try some even more creative options if you want something super sweet.

Start With the Dress Shopping Trip

A Homecoming dress is a big deal, and it usually involves a lot of shopping with friends. Document your dress shopping trip right away so that you can start taking Homecoming photos right away. 

Have a friend take photos of you and another friend modeling the dresses you’re considering outside the dressing room. Don’t forget to add adorable matching modeling poses.

Snap Adorable Photos of Friends Getting Ready

The process of perfecting your look takes time, and getting ready with friends is always more enjoyable. You can take photos of friends helping one another with Homecoming hair styles and makeup if you keep a camera or your phone nearby. 

Here, the key is to fill the entire shot with the two people getting ready. By moving closer instead of zooming in, you will end up with a higher quality photo.

Get a Sweet Shot to Capture Your Friendship

You can’t go wrong with a cute photo of you and your bestie for Homecoming. The best place to take this photo is in a park or backyard. Get close to each other and turn a little toward each other. 

You can use the portrait mode on your phone or camera, or you can use a DSLR with a wide aperture. Your sweet friend and you will be kept in focus when you blur the background.

Take Photos From the Back Too

Plan to take some photos of everyone from behind, as many Homecoming dresses look great from the back. Choose an open path or road without traffic, and hold hands as you walk away from the camera. 

This is also a great opportunity to show off wrist corsages if you have them. In addition to being pretty, the clasped hands show how close your friendship is.

Hold a Pre-Dance Dance Party

You can stage an awesome photo shoot by having a pre-dance dance party outside. When the sun is setting – just before you get ready to go to the dance – is the best time to do this. You can take tons of photos while everyone twirls and dances to some great music. 

The result will be some adorable, frame-worthy shots you’ll all love.

Catch the Guys Primping

Make sure you get some great shots of the guys as well. Whether they are getting ready or just goofing around, you can capture it all. You need to get them to relax in front of the camera in order to get the best results. 

Tell them they don’t have to smile or pose for the camera, and they’ll be much more relaxed. You’ll get some hilarious shots if you suggest someone fix another guy’s hair.

Have Fun With Big Group Shots

You can take a stiff, formal group shot, but it’s a lot more fun if you make it a little silly. Make some funny faces with everyone in close proximity. Interaction is also important. To give this shot a fun vibe, shoot it from a low angle.

Get Great Shots of Your Ride

The ride to Homecoming is part of the fun, whether you’re riding in a limo or hopping in your mom’s minivan. You and your friends should take pictures in the car. For an adorable and silly shot, try cramming everyone into an open door.

Try a Confetti Shoot

Do a mini-photo shoot with confetti outside or in a room that’s easy to clean up. While someone snaps photos of you and your friend dancing, throw it up in the air. It will be a great way to capture the fun of Homecoming in some great photos.

Get Great Dancing Photos by Adding Light

You can also take amazing dancing photos if there is enough light. Homecoming dances are usually dark, but you can add light by using your phone flashlight. You should have two friends stand about five to 10 feet from the person or people you want to photograph – one on each side. 

The lights should be aimed at people indirectly, rather than directly at their eyes or faces. In this way, you can take a photo without using flash, avoiding that nasty red eye look.

Capture the Aftermath

The fun doesn’t have to end when the photos do. Take a great shot of your friends collapsing on the dance floor at the end of the evening. Throw some confetti at them and have them kick off their shoes. 

One last adorable photo will help you remember an unforgettable evening at the Homecoming dance.

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